Business Owners Policy Insurance (BOP)

A Business Owners Policy is insurance that allows a small business (that meets certain criteria) to combine coverage from multiple policies into one convenient package. These days, there’s a BOP for most mainstream businesses, from hair salons to hardware stores, which makes the process easier.


Why Do I Need a Business Owners Policy?

If there is damage to your property or the property of others, employee theft, mechanical difficulties, or an everyday accident at your business that causes a loss of income, a BOP can keep you from hitting the panic button.


Terrible things can happen if you don’t have a BOP:

  • Financial ruin: Why risk paying out of pocket and possibly going bankrupt, when you could just pay for a BOP that is fairly inexpensive?
  • Lawsuits: Legal issues can not only be costly, they can also be very time-consuming, so one accident has the potential to bring down your business.
  • Losing your stuff (or other people’s stuff): Recovering the costs of theft, damage to buildings or broken equipment could send your company into a downward spiral.

What Does a Business Owners Policy Cover?

BOPs provide most of the insurance coverage a standard business would need. It’s kinda like an appetizer sampler, but with the coverage of a full meal, and these tasty platters are premade and ready to serve.

Your menu of coverage can include:

  • Property: The building and its contents.
  • Property of others: In case you’re “holding” stuff for a friend.
  • Business income: Lost income and employee salaries while you rebuild after a disaster.
  • General liability: Because you can be sued for A LOT.
  • Employee dishonesty coverage: Because sometimes employees have their own agendas.

Other needs:

  • Mechanical/machinery difficulties.
  • Front store window replacement.
  • Hired and non-owned autos (i.e., you don’t own a company car but employees are still driving to do your dirty work).
  • Loss of valuable papers (money doesn’t grow on trees, after all).

How Much Does a Business Owners Policy Cost?

The cost of a BOP depends on the coverage limits and a number of other factors like size, location, and materials used. So a hipster hair salon in Milwaukee might only pay $200 a month, whereas a logging company on the north coast of California could pay $2,000 a month. Basically, the safer and smaller the company, the cheaper the premium.


At Densmore Insurance Strategies, Inc., we’re committed to providing insurance solutions that keep small to medium-sized businesses protected. That is why we combine various coverage options into one convenient package – for more benefits than a typical Business policy and better savings through competitive pricing.


A Business Owners Policy (BOP) from Densmore Insurance Strategies, Inc. allows your business to create a customized insurance policy that combines Property, Commercial General Liability, and Crime Insurance, as well as additional coverage types based on your needs.


The proper Business Owners Policy can keep your day-to-day operations protected with options such as:

  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Premises Liability
  • Premises Medical
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Building and Personal Property Protection
  • On-Site Equipment Insurance
  • Coverage for Inventory Loss
  • Crime Insurance


Since Business Owners Policies apply only to special types of businesses with specific needs, operations, and risks, it’s important to contact a specialist at Densmore Insurance Strategies, Inc. who can help you determine whether a BOP is right for your small or medium-sized business.


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